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China first will live boutique released by Michelin, B & B Guide – Sohu tourism Abstract: since the creation of more than a year, because there are many guest state laboratory, critical sleep tester, a clear and stringent screening criteria, and worth a special journey will live in B & B, by the media called "B & B version of Michelin". Even with Michelin guide to Shanghai launched two days apart, after a year of preparation, state off conference held at the the Peace Hotel in Shanghai Art Center in September 23rd, officially launched China will live boutique B & B guide. Asia 9 years after the entry of Michelin, Michelin, China first "guide to Shanghai" was finally released, the news that the increasingly discerning Chinese excited, also let many people Tucao "a group of people Western-style food evaluation cannot understand Chinese? But there is no doubt that Michelin entry will make us pay more attention to spend time to experience life. How to waste time poetically? Guest pays tribute to the state pension Laboratory of Michelin guide but also a completely different user perspective: natural, completely by the rare sleep tester will jointly participate in the definition of live Boutique Hostel guide. The evening of September 23rd, Shanghai the Bund evening, B & B laboratory held a state guest "friends" in the Swatch the Peace Hotel Art Center, invited from science and technology, design, art, media, luxury goods, hotel and catering, hostel capital, government and other community leaders of more than 100 people together to discuss and share 100 possible poetic waste of time. How poetic waste of time. Custom custom "rice bed", will be moved to the village of Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, Swatch the Peace Hotel Art Center, the Bund. People in a busy city to sleep in the paddy field to insects called songbirds. · Creative Industries Alliance Asia Chairman Budiman left the baby sleeping state guest exclusive bed photo". · platinum Nobel financial co-founder Wu Zhuohao (left) and Tsinghua Academy of fine arts professor Ma Quan (right). Ma Quan teacher is very supportive of the concept of poetry advocated by the waste of time, to be able to change the rhythm of life in the parallel space to enjoy time. Wu Zhuohao admitted that he needs to allow customers to regain their own energy from the quiet. · Tonglu County People’s government deputy magistrate Wu Jinfu, the original county sleeping so cute. Rice bed behind the golden rice is from Tonglu. · · · love to drive the media founder Li Keqi sign lying on the state guest rice bed. · deputy director of Deqing Tourism Committee Yang Guoliang and try to sleep state guest master poster photo. Deqing there are Mogan Mountain scenic spot, in recent years because of its beautiful natural environment gave birth to many famous boutique hostel. · founder Xu Wei; hot fitness special attention state will live off site boutique homestay guidelines issued, state guest hot sleep tester recruitment project is about to start. State guest Shanghai female friends: "don’t worry about a bed fly" marketing division director Zhou Yue (left) and nine Mu Chuan Sheng Senior Account Manager Song Dan (right) as well as to the party’s "Haibao" the father of Shao Longtu, a secretary of the amoeba capital相关的主题文章:

Tour guide system reform is ready, it is worth trying – tourism channel

The tour guide system is ready, it is worth trying, the Travel Channel original title: the guide system is ready, the National Tourism Administration, it is worth trying before the release of "on deepening reform to strengthen the construction of tour guide team views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), formally issued a document in the form of official opened the tour guide reform curtain. Words such as "opinions", the reason for the reform, is to meet the emerging era of mass tourism, is to solve the system obstacle, structural contradictions, policy barriers, closed-end management, is to follow the law, tourism development conform to the open market, integrated industry requirements, establish the rule of law, the market of tour guide management system construction, facilitation, diversification and standardization of the system construction practice guides, honesty, dedication, positive, be enthusiastic and press on the tour. Read the file, we can see that the reform of the scope and intensity of the large, deep level: the reform of the registration system, access to training reform practice guides system, perfect the practice of security system, improve things in the post regulatory system, establish a sound guide associations, guide innovation incentive mechanism…… As the reform moves Paodingjieniu, such as xiaolifeidao, misses the mark; the knife with blood. So the question is, in the face of reform such as "the power" in general, are you ready? This "you" is the owner of this article. Tour guides are ready first, both tour guides, tourists, travel agencies, pilot platform, industry organizations, regulatory agencies at all levels, must be carefully about the content of the reform, the reform of understanding intention, understand the methods and steps of the reform. Not just a smattering of speculation and discussion or interpret out of context. Second, we must look at all of you, me, he, whether from their own, ready to do. These preparations, laws and regulations, industry management departments to adjust the supporting mechanism construction, reverse of the previous practice, guide service consciousness, innovation of travel agency management mode, the development and application of a new technology platform pilot enterprises; tourists also have to adapt to the new tour guide service in the form of psychological preparation. Since it is a tour guide system reform, the tour guide is ready? This is the first problem. The 800 thousand tour guide army, 600 thousand people did not sign labor contract with the travel agency, in fact the freedom to practice, there were many tour guides call to clear the free tour guide occupation identity, said the Dragon love every day now, the dragon has really come, tour guides have been prepared? Like the dragon, will become a terrible wolf. After the call is yegonghaolong vanity, or shout "children joke wolf", or the great adventure of the truth, is going to get the test of practice. Whether the tour guides to good future is signed a labor contract with a travel agency, became the official travel agency staff, with a stable income and a guarantee of five social insurance and one housing fund, accept the travel agency management and appointment? Or do you want to become a freelancer to accept the choice of tourists, into the market competition? Tour guide free practice, for the tour guide to remove the shackles of the travel agency, the free practice of the tour guide lost the chain, in exchange for the service can provide the world; but the outside world is very exciting,相关的主题文章:

We first set a small goal, for example, to calculate 100 million yuan piled on the front is what kin govos

We first set a small goal, for example, to calculate 100 million yuan piled on the front is what kind of technology – Sohu and I guess your circle of friends is this picture is not shuabing…… In fact, Wang Jianlin said, if you want to be the richest man, may wish to set a small target, such as one hundred million……" Well, it doesn’t make any difference. Netizens quickly to kneel, put forward the slogan of "money is not everything, is Wanda" to express their anger. But I want to say, we are optimistic. Not only do you earn less than one hundred million, you haven’t even seen it…… The AI sent questions "in television drama which plot, so as the" professionals "play you for a second? ", this is a bank teller comments — at least one hundred million people met. Often a suitcase full of money, a large truck scene to see in the movies, or millions of cash transactions, tens of millions of bank robbery like plot. As a patriotic law-abiding good (poor) people (B), it is difficult to have an intuitive feeling, so much cash piled together in the end how much? Fortunately, we can use mathematics and computer software to meet our imagination. 10000 yuan fifth sets of 100 Yuan Long 155 mm, width of 77 mm. In order to facilitate the calculation, we assume that the thickness of a note is 0.1 mm (as is the case). 10 thousand yuan this number sounds scary, replaced by a stack of new 100 yuan, but also about 1 cm thick, on the feet is easily ignored. We use Google 3D drawing software SketchUp intuitive to show the size of this: 1000000 yuan, however, is very eye-catching on the $1 million. In order to make $1 million in cash, we need 10000 notes, they can be in accordance with 2× 5× the 1000 way code together, get a length, width and height respectively, 31 cm, 38.5 cm, 10 cm rectangular. On the feet is roughly the proportion, into a bag of 10000000 yuan 10 million yuan more than sufficient volume is 10 times above the cuboid. This requires 100000 notes, we can use 5× 10× put 2000 of the way, which will form a triangular rectangular length is 77.5 cm, 77 cm, 20 cm. Visible, carrying 10 million cash transactions is not impossible. But considering the density of paper, it’s a bit difficult for a person to move up. The reporter visited the plant records, so a little red box, is 2 million yuan, more than 50 pounds in weight. Of course, if true to you, then you might under Dousheng strange force might…… 100000000 yuan notes of $100 million, need 100相关的主题文章:

Business scope why do you always wear the big to spread the goods

Business scope: why do you always wear on the big goods stall people always bored "how to (Amoy) booth (PO) goods out of the big wind" to spend the least money, the most out of grade effect. However, today the main fan to act in a diametrically opposite way, do not take the unusual way, we study how to spend the most money, out of the most low to spread the goods out of the big wind. * reminder: love, do not pay attention to details, arbitrary collocation clothes are always wrinkled low aura pals, please take your "spread the goods together to accept the baptism of the main fan! The first step || change his "aura" out of the big thing to spread the goods actually a little difficulty. However, some people ", with a momentum of a born beauty" overlord, how much money the brand wore the second low, which makes the main fan envy. ? – of – Guo Degang gas bursting stall if we selected stall, Mr. Guo to battle, that no one would dare the spicy. This Givenchy leopard shirt, wear on the model is "the embodiment of fashion, sexy, like" wear; Guo body, is domineering, Hao Qi, rustic "the best explanation. Wearing a big sunglasses, with a warped, please fan friends up the brain a "leopard shirt, a 50 yuan, do not miss passing through it? – many confident of stall – Zhang Jie another" destroy big stall "is Zhang Jie. The combination of urban and rural from out of the catch Cha put on this boy, Sanit Launt Leopard Coat, turned to the dance hall the brightest star, yiyanbuge jump jump High thunderbolt, the style is more spicy eyes down my fork to the delta! So I want to spread the goods out of the big fan of friends, we should always go to the grassroots, feel connection with the earth, we cannot change Yan value, it can also change the aura, let the "soil" to every cell in the body. The second step || exposed their weaknesses to solve the major premise of gas field, the next challenge is to understand yourself, and give yourself the courage jieduan". A short neck, I want to wear a big belly; I want to wear tights, want is that "willful" pleasure. One of the Deng Ziqi? – – as a bravado beauties shine on stage, Deng Ziqi in life also have become the dominant party in the stall goods. A full of heroic spirit Burberry short windbreaker, two exquisite and cylindrical objects of strong echo’s, like most of the 200 yuan a piece to spread the goods. Take a small stool, spreads the hand luggage, ready to open. ? – more of stall – Huang Xiaoming and said Burberry windbreaker, Fanzhu immediately thought of another stall, yellow. This is a classic trench coat, wearing a guru who does not show the original cool hanging fried days. In shoes, jeans and a large backpack against the background, like a weak senior high school students, trying to use high imitation brand-name copycat windbreaker to compensate for the lack of self-confidence is not tall. This kind of相关的主题文章:

Does your child have any gum when he opens his mouth Don’t take this seriously! Sohu –

Does your child have any gum when he opens his mouth? Don’t take this seriously! The Qiao Qiao Mom – Sohu baby dad is a typical "daughter slave", which is natural to see her daughter very pleasing to the eye, in his eyes, babe is the world’s most beautiful little princess. Fortunately, I am still quite rational when the mother, always be able to point in time to put some cold water to let him sober up, or he is really some smug. This does not, last night my daughter and I play games, babe was laughing, her pretty dad could not help but start up the little lover in my ear to boast: you see my daughter laugh, a really beautiful eyebrow! I carefully looked at a low voice, he deliberately run gums are exposed, but also beauty? Beauty can not be exposed gums oh! I just say no, can see a few eye I realized each babe laughing really will gums, even the always fooling dad also said some looked really pretty obvious. Well, it looks like you can’t get out of the dentist this weekend. I don’t think this fucking neuroticism when you find out the following questions, perhaps than I am anxious to bring your child to the dentist. Q01: what is a gummy smile? As the name implies, is exposed on the laugh when the gum meat. In fact, many people laugh at the time of life, how much of the gum will be exposed, if the gum exposed > 5mm, it will be more apparent, the visual beauty of the people will be greatly reduced. QO1: what is the effect of dew when you laugh? Does it still use words? Take a look at the following chart to understand. Fairy sister Liu Yifei, do not laugh or smile is really perfect and flawless, but was somewhat reduced after laughing gum points. When I speak mouth beauty Chen Yao, she smiles, I couldn’t help but notice on her mouth and gums… Hongkong days after Joey Yung, although not a big beauty, but do not laugh when the plane is also a bit amazing photos. To find out these photos, really do not want to black who just want to tell you that a most intuitive way: a smile gum is flawed ah, Yan value in that moment the gums were significantly low. In addition to the impact of color value, obvious "gummy smile" will lead to tooth inclination caused by dental malocclusion, not only affects the appearance of teeth teeth can even affect the function. Q03: why does a child have a "gummy smile?" For young children, if you laugh when the gum exposed more than 3mm, basically can be called "dew gum laugh", because it seems very obvious. But, why do children start to smile at a young age? This is how the formation of it? In fact, when you are exposed to the gums are mostly genetically determined, that is to say, you and your spouse or child’s grandparents, grandma and grandpa on the presence of dew smile. Take it pretty babes, Dad their family a lot of people have obviously protruding mouth and gums exposed the problem, dad is somewhat pretty, so babe "gummy smile)相关的主题文章: